What Should I Do First If I'm Suffering From a Heart Attack?

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Imagine you were facing a life and death situation that calls for immediate action. Would you know what to do? So let's find out. Today I have two life threatening situations, two urgent choices that you'd have to make. I want you all in the audience and at home to figure this out I'm gonna give you a quiz.

You ready? Hand your devices out. Let's take a look at the first challenge. Doctors call it the golden hour, it's the first 60 minutes after you have a heart attack and what you do in those precious moments could mean the difference between life and death. Feeling dizzy, pressuring your chest, pain radiating to your neck, shoulders, and jaw, if there's even the slightest chance you're having a heart attack the first thing you should do is one, take an aspirin, or two call 911.

Tanya is here from the audience you're gonna to help us figure this out, audience are you ready? Is it one, take an aspirin, or two call 911. Audience vote now. [MUSIC] Tammy is taking her time, she thinks she knows the answer. Tammy is excited she thinks she knows the answer, what is it Tammy? I'm gonna say I feel like they will say the aspirin but I'm gonna say the phone because then you can get them on the way and grab the aspirin.

Alright, so the audience overwhelmingly says take an aspirin, you think they're wrong? Yes, even though my parents are out here and they're really smart people. I am so proud of you Tammy, you're right, and not only is Tammy right, she actually gave all the answers I was gonna give, that's exactly our fear cuz if you don't call 911 then no one's coming to help, So here's what you're gonna do.

First off, what did Tammy say, you say call 911. Right make the phone call. The next step is to take the aspirin. Then step three is that sit down, relax, stay calm, and just kick back until the paramedics get there so we're clear on those three steps? Thank you very much, I'm glad you stood by your guard.

Alright, now take a look.