What Kind of Fish Are Good Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

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Compare taking the Omega 3s from fish sources versus taking one of the pills. Well, the problem with fish unfortunately is that so much of our fish are as a result of farming and so farming they feed them corn and other things that do not really support them actually producing Omega-3s in their own body, so farm raised fish end up being very low in Omega-3s and so that can be a huge issue.

And most of the fish that we think it is ocean, the Salmond, most of that's farm raised now. Yeah and the other huge issue is Mercury, many of you have heard that pregnant women should probably not eat fish very much and if you have any concerns about Mercury there're certainly different kinds of fish you absolutely should avoid, and so you really kind of have to be very careful with the kind of fish you're eating.

So keeping that in mind which fish would you recommend in your house hold? Well Trout, and [xx], Sadines, and my favorite Salmond, wild Salmond. wild Salmond but the other fish sources are trapped [xx] and macro they're smaller fish if you haven't built a taste for them, try them they actually, I think they well they fit in locks of different cuisines and I've talked about [xx] tons of times great source, but again it's going to be wild salmond.

How often is she's [xx] these sea foods if you're going to use fish as your main source of Omega-3s. The FTA recommends eating them at least twice a week, but I recommend if you know that your source is very low in Mercury eat it everyday. And tell me other fish the tilapias of the world, Yeah well some of those fish have no Omega-3 so you just don't get credit for it.

[xx] getting hot credit how do you think about that? Okay I'll take it [xx] when we come back my guidelines of choosing the rifle Omega 3 that's right for you.