What Does a Healthy Heart Look Like?

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So under the sheet is this beautiful organ, the heart, and you'll notice, and I'll share it with everybody, that if I cut so you can see inside but they're all claims with cool [xx] in there, trabeculae, and these are valves and I'm not going to go to all those details- which side is up? That's the bottom of the heart this is the top so in your chest it will look like this.

Describe that to me. Gosh its amazing it's so small I thought it would be a lot bigger, I'm shaking. You can hold that heart for one second I want to show you a quick animation this is important for everyone to see you can keep holding that this is what the heart look like when it's healthy it's a little pinker than what you're looking at and as we start the heart up it begins to pound and twist like a python it squeezes the blood off.

And it's like a V2 engine. It's got a [UNKNOWN] one side one [xx] side two parallel sockets. The purplish blood is going to the lungs to get clean the bright red blood is being cleaned by the lungs, it goes out to the body and the heart squeezes religiously, aggressively and not the [xx] of two parallel sockets that continues to work, what happens sometimes if the arteries that bring blood to the heart suddenly would begin to fragment tear and then close and what you just saw right there is a heart attack.