What Are Normal High Blood Pressure Numbers?

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All save you long we have been focusing on knowing your five life saving numbers and today it's all about one of them blood pressure how it can destroy your most vital organs and what you can do to protect yourself now who is even brave enough to face this with me head on? Who wants to be my assistant today? Put your hands up.

Oh good lot of takers. Alright well we have picked this soul whose name are about to learn it is Bonnie in seat 33. Where is Bony? How are you? Welcome to the show, welcome to the show, where are you from? Cleveland Ohio. You are? Yes. I was born in Cleveland. Oh good. And why did you come in New York? It's my birthday, my daughter gave it to me.

Well thank you very much. What are you doing after the show? I'm going to see the Lion King. I took my kids there, you're going to love it. You're going to feed your mum first? Yes. What kind of food are you going to have? I don't know. What kind of food do you normally have? Healthy food.

Like for example what kind of healthy food? You do. You really healthy? She's healthy? Relatively. Relatively. Some days I slip up. I asked you about that because we're talking about blood pressure today and foods influence that. Now, you know your blood pressure, right? Yeah You said yeah, is that yes or no? Yes I know it.

What does it run usually? About a hundred and well I said 140 over about 70 something. Okay. It was 146 over 70 something. That's not too far off. Yes. You know what we did? Before the show, we asked everyone in the audience here if you knew your numbers. Show our numbers in that little survey and there you are, we've got your blood pressure taken.

Guess what we found? We found that 69% of you either did not know your number at all or you were more than 10 points off, 10 points you thought lower than they really were. That concerns me, that's pretty reflective I think what's happening all over the place. So just to refresh your memory, what's should our numbers be again by? 110 over about 70.

That is very good, how'd you know that? Because I work in healthcare. I'll put up my optimal numbers, I got to say 115 over 75, I usually say you should aim for, but frankly you can be below that as long as you're not dizzy or having any symptoms then 115 and over 75 is fine, 140 over 90 is not good.

That's hypertension. There is a life expectancy difference between people who're hypertensive, 140 over 90 verses the normal one and.