Is There a Link Between My Heart and My Teeth?

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How are you. I am great. What is your name? Ellen. Where are you from Ellen? Albany Albany. Welcome to the show, caught you off guard with that question didn't I? I know where I'm from. [LAUGH] All right, what's the question? When I go to the dentist, they talk about my, what's the correlation between my heart and my teeth? This is why dentists worry about your heart.

First of all, gingivitis. Okay. Right. So, people who have gingivitis, have a much higher incidence of having heart attacks because the gingivitis means you're having a civil war in your mouth. If you have a civil war in your mouth that battle ground spreads beyond your mouth because your immune system is overacting one of those simple things the dentist may be identifying in your mouth then gets a little concerned about your heart.

Thank you. Thank you very much for your question. You're great. And thanks for all your questions we'll be right back.