How Much Salt In the Diet Is Too Much?

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Today, I'm talking about an essential nutrient for muscle and nerve function, however too much of a good thing in this case is bad. I'm talking about sodium. I'm about to relive how much sodium is in your favorite foods, and it gave my call, hidden salt shockers. Here to play are Eileen and Joy.

Eileen, do you enjoy salty foods? Of course why not, the whole bottle. You add salt to your food? Yeah. You add salt as well. Never, I never add salt to food, my family died from high blood pressure, massive heart disease, I myself was recently diagnosed with moderate case of heart blood pressure, and I have encouraged everyone to stay away from salt.

Nobody wants to know me anymore. So, we're walking, talking about the exactly reason we are focusing on salt. High blood pressure causes heart diseases and stroke leading cause death in this country, and most of us had too much of it. In fact, the recommended daily dose is about 2300 milligrams a day.

Remember that right? Now, this kind of facts come up frequently but they are going to help in this game especially because here is how the game works. I'm going to reveal a food item. These food items with the audience help you are going to have to guess. How much sodium do you think is in in this food items? It's simplest one I could ever make, make sense, ready to play? Absolutely, oh yes.

You got choices, and the item we are going to talk about start off with is cardice cheese. Cardice cheese, I love cardice cheese, how salt is a cardice cheese? Ellen and Joy write it please. Write it down, write it down what do you got there. Cardice cheese, three, two, one. Ellen, what do you think? 900.

I also say 900. How many think 900 is right? Is a lot of salt, correct answer 900. Now, can I point something out. When things are low fat they will often salt to make it taste a little bit better. I happen to love cardice cheese but I'll add salt in it. Yogurt on the other hand [xx] has only about 150 milligrams of sodium, and a one half piece of Swiss cheese has about 50 milligrams of sodium.

So, you can get other options in this if you are worried about salt especially that work for you. Okay. Number one hide up one the one. Let's move on to the second item. Frozen dinners. How America like frozen dinners? How much salt is it a five ounce serving of frozen turkey and gravy dinner? How much salt is in the pack in there? 800, your choices are 500 and 800? And they both said 800, they both said 800.

Audience what do you think? The correct answer is, 800. And that is impressive. I hold my cards the wrong way, no I'm not. Right? Susan, it's quick and it"s easy, but it's low to sodium for the exact same reason, we love the salt, addictive force you go back, and be careful when they see the light late means less calories or less fat, doesn't means less less salt.

That's how they make up the difference. Okay, two to two tied up game, this is really a pamper, right? Let's find it out here. Alright, item number three, is all about leaving your home, and going out to eat a nice meal at a restaurant. Could we talk about restaurant style chicken and rice simple meal.

Sesame chicken and rice. How much Sodium is it 2100 mg of sodium or 3060 mg of sodium? Audience is yelling out answers, I better have a tie breaker. Alright, let's see, they have a difference in opinion here audience, difference in opinion. Elaine is going with 3000, Joy 2100. Well, we've a winner one way or the other, don't we? The correct answer in fact is 3000.

By the way, this would also have been about 1200 calories of food, here's the deal. When you go to a restaurant, if you're worried about salt have them add no salt to your food because you don't know how much they're going to add. They prepared with a lot. When it's prepared for your salt, you bring your own salt shaker, and you can also bring herbs, and other things that replace salt as a taste bud simulator, add it yourself you'll know what you get.

Elaine you're a winner. Thank you. Your prize. All of the thoughts we placed into it ever Dr. Oz. Thank Elaine. Thank you for playing. You're welcome. Thanks to all the contestant whoever played, we'll be right back.