How Does High Blood Pressure Damage the Heart?

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Take a sip, I want some honest feedback, what do you guys think? I'll be honest with you Doctor Rose, unless there is some vodka in here, I'm not quit sure. Oh, it's good. Does it have ginger? Little ginger, little cayene. You know what, you can taste how healthy it is, I'll give you that.

[LAUGH]Get up over here, listen. Let me tell you why I'm concerned. What's under here? Now this, that green drink has got, it's got vitamins in it, it's got all the key elements- And everything you swept off the floor is in there? It taste like that sometimes- Why are we putting on gloves Doctor- Because we're gonna be playing a little bit with an organ.

How do you get these things on? >>[LAUGH] All right, what are we doing? So, listen. It was a sensitive moment, and I really do honor the fact that you were willing talk here honestly about, what was it your life threatening blood pressure number? When I first got it I was stunned.

I checked it again, and we have a number that high, it is does a couple of things. This is the human heart. The human heart's supposed to be about a size, just put your fist next to that. That's about the right size for you. And there's a tube that comes out of it. And it gets sort of a rubbery element.

So feel that, and describe it to everybody. Well, it's very elasticish-Elastic! Now think about it. The blood's coursing through there full speed, right? As it courses through there, what ends up happening is the artery has to open a little bit. It has to be elastic as we said.

Yes. Now this rubbery, it expands like a balloon, it absorbs the blood coming into it so you do not have high blood pressure. If you're talking about, if you make the little mistakes, that day in day out, many of us make- Especially during the holidays. Especially during the holidays, instead of looking like this, with a tube that's elastic and rubbery, it looks like this.

[SOUND] So this is holiday heart? This is holiday heart, nicely stated. Now this heart's had a little surgery, that's what these wing things are, you have to have heart surgery if you do the wrong things. But most importantly, look at this tube, it's like a rusted tube. And look at the size of the heart in comparison.So listen, the big shock too is most of us who have something looking like this don't even know it.

But the vast majority of people who can hear my voice are in between this and this. Now, you mentioned, a couple of times, the holiday season is a difficult time for all of us, the most challenging for all of us. Right. So talk to me about what is your biggest hurdle that you've ever faced.

Oh, well, it's quantity. You go to a party, and there are lots of cocktails. There's lots of bowls of colorful things that have forks coming out of them. And then you've got a [SOUND] Cream on top. I mean, it's a great time of year when it comes to grazing. If I had a full proof plan for you and everybody else at home, to get through the holidays, and to avoid gaining the weight, in fact just keep the eight pounds off that you've lost- The answer is, we wanna know what it is.

All right. When we come back, we're gonna do this. You will not wanna miss this, and I'm gonna play with Elvis. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] When we come back we are going to do this you will not want to miss it, I'm going to play with all this.