How Does Healthcorps Help High School Students Stay Healthy?

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz, host on the Dr. Oz show and, a heart surgeon by training. About a year ago I found myself performing heart surgeon on a patient who was only 25 years old. Here was this young woman, who should have a whole life ahead of her and instead she was in my operating room indeed a life saving surgery.

Sadly the obesity epidemic in this country is leaving more and more young people with critical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. We can't let this trend continue. That's why I created Healthcorps. Healthcorps goes into high schools, they mentor students about nutrition, fitness and most importantly mental resilience.

They teach students to tell good foods from bad foods. Students experience fun new ways to exercise and best of all, teens are taking these lessons and sharing them with their friends and family further spreading is life enhancing lessons. We're off to a great start, but Healthcorp needs your help to reach more teens in more schools.

I'm hoping you will make the most generous contribution you can to help Healthcorp today. Thanks for your help.