How Does Gingivitis Affect My Heart?

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Come over. Alright, do you have a lucky number? Seven.Seven OK, Push together, push together, push together, ready let go, Thank you. Thank you. It is 117, 117, All right, and she's jogging down here. How are you? I'm great. What's your name? Erin. Where are you from Erin? Ivany, well welcome to the show good.

Got you off guard with that question, didn't I? I know where I'm from. Okay, all right, what's the question? When I go to the dentist, they talk about my heart, so what's the correlation between my heart and my teeth? Here's why dentists worry about your heart. First of, gingivitis.

So people who have gingivitis, have a much higher instance of having heart attacks, because the gingivitis means you're having a civil war in your mouth. If you've got a civil war in your mouth, that battle ground, spreads beyond your mouth cause your immune system is overreacting, so it's one of those simple things the dentist may be identifying in your mouth that gets a little concerned about your heart.

Thank you. Thank you very much for your question, it was great. So that's all your questions we'll be right back.