How Do I Check My Heart Rate?

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[xx], come on down. I can believe I saw [xx] I can't believe it, I can't believe it. I really do, I can't believe it. Your honor is all mine. Tell me something, how do you measure your heart rate? You can take your pulse. Show me how you do it. Just hold your fingers here. Okay. Let me talk about that.

It takes under a minute to check your heart rate and that is one of the biggest secrets out there, because it predicts if you're having a heart attack and even a stroke. And it's simple, I want to teach everyone to do what you're doing right now because its critically important for us all.

So, I got everybody take our left hand and roll it over. Take your right hand and put your finger just about there. So, we will do it if you don't mind. So, there's a bone right here, you feel the bone? Put your right thing beneath the bone and touch gently. Don't press too hard, press gently, and you're going to press the number of beats in ten seconds.

You can multiply that by six, and that's your heart rate. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Put your finger right there, okay. So, I'm going to, Now you see how she's pressing? Not very much. You got that? Gently pressing. I'm going to squeeze this baloon a little bit. And you see the pulsation there? You guys all feeling that? So, if you get, for example, six beats in 10 seconds, multiply it by six, that's 36.

That's that many. What should it be? What's a healthy? Ahaa! There are two issues time you take your heart rate, and what number should it be? So, you take your heart rate before you get out in the morning. When you wake up? When you first wake up, but before you get out of bed, alright.

If your heart rate is above 90, if your heart beats above 90, the chance of you having a heart attack or a big heart problem is three times greater than if your heart rate is under 60. And if you notice if your heart rate is going up by more than about 10 beats in subsequent months, that's a warning sign of very important one here now that the new [xx] just came out the one we didn't realize how important it was, it tells your heart is struggling, it's working as hard as it can, and it can't keep beating up.

Okay. Are we clear on this? Yes we are. You got it all, you got the heart rates? Okay, thank you very much. Thank you Dr. Oz. Thank you.