How Can I Tell If a Pain In My Chest Is a Danger Sign?

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[APPLAUSE] Who would have thought? How are you? Good. How are you doing? Good. So introduce yourself to everybody. I am Stew. Stew. So I get this feeling in my chest sometimes when I breath in it's like really sharp what is that? [LAUGH] Well thanks for the question, most people are of course are worried about some life threatening problem you probably are, a couple questions about the symptoms, I get little more clarity does happen when you exercise? Yes.

>>And does it go away when you stop exercising? It goes away like five, 10 minutes. Does it ever last for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour or anything like that? Yeah from time to time. Okay, what makes it go away? Just relaxing, sometimes it happens after I've eaten like a big meal to you.

>>So most of those pains you get in your chest that last just a few seconds, that usually spasms of some of the arteries inside the chest wall, they don't worry about them at all the pains that last in the minutes time period, are usually especially if you don't have other risk factors from reflex or something silverware/g Things aren't going quite the right way.

The last thing goes up and see most of a lot of different nerves and some of them make it seem like it's in your chest. If the exercise that you're doing brings it on and it goes away when you stop exercising especially if it feels a little squeezy in nature rather than sharp like pin then I worry more about the heart, so that's how you [xx] chest pain and very very simple way up in this category.

>>Thank you. Good luck. I want to thank all my questionnaires. I'll be right back.