How Can I Lower My Cholesterol?

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The second thing your doctor is not telling you. You OK? Yes I'm fine. Come stand over here then. The second thing your doctor is not telling you about your heart disease is that you're focusing on the wrong cholesterol number. The number that I care about, that everyone all of you need to care about is your LDL cholesterol, the lousy cholesterol carrying amount.

Protein this big fatties carrying all the cholesterol bumping in the things and [UNKNOWN] it everywhere your LDL cholesterol number which is supposed to be under a 100 was 204. So, then I asked the same question before what's your big plan with the UNKNOWN]. Diet, exercise, really intense.

And who are you doing it for again? My children and myself because without me they don't have anyone. Good you keep saying that, that's absolutely right. Simple little things I've talked about this before you can lower your cholesterol with the right kinds of fats. Olive oil is a good example of them, they're healthy fats as well.

You also want to have the right kinds of greens in your diet and high fibre foods in particular are healthy because they actually keep the cholesterol in your intestinal system and help and prevent from getting into your bloodstream so nuts work well and oatmeal as well.