How Can I Have High Cholesterol Even If I'm Thin?

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I'm Lynn, my question is that even though I've staked thin for most of my life, I have high cholesterol and I'd like to know what I can do, what foods can I eat and medicine possibly to take to get that down? Here's a quick answer, we don't have a lot of risk factors for heart disease, then we don't treat the cholesterol too aggressively.

I'd rather pull back and try to teach you with food, choices which I think which are really going anyway, so instead of putting you on certain drugs immediately, every time your numbers are alright, let's take things like olive oil, high fiber diet, and things we know like the Mediterranean diet for example has resulted in the reduction for heart attacks rates.

By taking that approach, we can often get the numbers down to controllable range and everyone is happier. Thank you. Thank you very much..