Dr. Oz Reveals 3 Ways to Extend Your Heart's Warranty

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Three simple ways that you and everybody at home can extend your heart's longevity and keep it as healthy and happy as it wants to be, okay? So come on over here. So, let's check in here what do you got in there? Check it out. Aspirin. Aspirin. If you don't have problems with Aspirin, you ought to take two baby Aspirins, inexpensive, simple, straight forward opportunity to make a difference in your heart health.

I'll take this one, look at the second one. You're trying to tell me something Dr. Oz. Dental floss. Now why would I pick on dental floss? Why? Because if you flush your teeth, and you have bleeding three days in a row, that means you probably have ginger bites. A ginger bite is a chronic and flammatory problem, and because your body senses that there's a war going on in your gums, it'll become sticky, the blood will get sticky and that sticky blood will close off the arteries of the heart, so doesn't cost much to get dental floss.

And the third and I think the most important secret, nothing in the bag. Actually the secret is standing next to you in that white jacket. It's the pharmacist. And let me tell you why, Stacia and all other pharmacist and I have said this before and I will say it again are the single most valuable underused aspect of the healthcare system.

They are smart professionals, they can give you a tone of information, and we never ask them anything. How many of you know your pharmacist names? Couple of and we ought to all know that. Stacia, explain to the audience a little bit about what it's like to be a pharmacist and how important this role is.

It's so important that you know your pharmacist. The first step you can take to get control of your health care, is to get all of your prescriptions filled at one place. The pharmacy is not a drive through, it's not a fast food restaurant, it's your health. So it's really important that you get all of your medications filled at one pharmacy, so that the pharmacist there knows all of the medications that you are taking.

You should also make sure that the pharmacist knows any herbal medications, any over the counter supplements that you take and you should always, always ask us before you start taking any over the counter cough and cold medications, any diet medications especially if you have high blood pressure, there're interactions that can occur that put you at risk and we're right there, we're an easy resource and if we have all of your medication on file, we can look up your profile and know exactly what is and it isn't safe for you to take.

[xx] you want to cross talk to a pharmacist? Nothing. How do you beat that? What's your pharmacist's name? Stacia, you've got something to share with the audience? I do. We've shown everyone the tools that you can use to help keep your heart healthy so Wall Greens is giving you and everyone in the audience a blood pressure monitor and $50 gift card to get those tool.

Stacia, thank you very much for your. Virginia, can I borrow your glasses for the out here? Sure. She is a great assistant, isn't she? You are first to investigate heart disease as in well..