Can the Stress of Watching Sports Affect My Blood Pressure?

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Hey its Dr. Oz. As a fan, I love sports especially play offs but as a doctor, here is why being a super fan makes me nervous about your heart. A ground breaking new study documents that the blood pressure of sports fan were watching their team in action. Results were stunning. While baseball fans had a drop in blood pressure, football fans saw their blood pressure rise.

This explains why football fans have more heart attacks during play off games. This animation shows whats happening. Look at the heart. On the outside of the heart their are some big blood vessels right, but their are some small one to that little tributary their. We have a small blood vessel, it's very sensitive, it's got multiple layers and it can spasm and tighten up especially if their is a lot of stress and that timing action that's spasm cuts out the supply of blood to critical tissues of the body.

And when it's forth and goal with no time left, that's what ultimately happens, this can strip your blood supply. Now, I'm going to show you a real organ. I'm going to try to nail this home and I want people at home while they are watching the playoffs to think about this. The normal heart looks like this.

You see how delicate and small it is. It's about the size of a fist than it should be and it's made up of structures thousand muscle doesn't really matter but the size is what it is supposed to be. Now compare that, to this heart. This massively enlarged heart is big because its had high blood pressure, it's had heart attacks, it had multiple procedures done on it and you see the arteries themselves, they're crumbling.

All kind of [xx] plugged in here. This what happen if you are eating junk all day along, especially if you are living a very centrally lifestyle. They add that to a stressful experience watching the game and you're in trouble. So here my Xs and Os on how to avoid a game date heart attack.

My first tip is the pregame tip. Don't forget your cardiac medication. Its easy to get lost in all the excitement of the play offs. Just remember forgetting your medication combine with static food and stress can be a lethal cocktail. Secondly, athletes aren't the only ones who need to be mindful of their diet sitting up the game time.

Whether it's buffalo wings or potato chips [xx] the cow is add up astronomically. So forget the [XX] on the television. The [XX] image in your home is between is between the living room and the kitchen, thats where the real battle is on game die. So have a [XX] with some oil and vinegar.

The olive oil is composed of mono saturated fat, [XX] cholestrol. It also keeps you from eating too much of fatty food and turn your blood into cream. Now once game time starts, I want you to make use of time outs. Make them your bodies time in and no this doesn't count as exercise clicking through and seeing what's on the other channel.

As simple stretch, like a total stretch. Going down and tipping your body's toes simply like that. Doing that in a commercial break can keep your arteries limber and keep you limber as well. Also try to periodically leave the room so you can relieve the tension once in a while. This might explain why baseball with its built in breaks in the action might just jack up your blood pressure less than football.

And my final tip for avoiding a Super Bowl heart attack is to win. Turns out that rooting for the winning team might just save your life, because it doesn't tend to raise your blood pressure quite as much. So the bottom line, don't make your health a hail Mary pass. Live to enjoy lots more games with these certain nudges to your health this season.

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