Can Stretching Help Lower My Risk of Heart Disease?

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[xx] back today entire[sp?] show, can I help you prevent, heart disease that you may be at risk right now and not even know it. There are many risk factors, I could tell you. CRP, we just did your blood test, your family history, especially someone younger than 65 had a heart problem, your lifestyle, you know what those are, they can all increase your odds.

But there is a quick and simple way to test your heart, you could do it right now in your own home, it only takes 30 seconds but we'll all do it together. You're all interested in doing this? Yeah. Okay. I want everybody to stand up, this includes everybody at home, everybody stand up and this is very simple.

Take my jacket off to make it easier. You're going to bend over and touch your toes, don't bounce just gently bend over, try to relax your hips and touch your toes. That's it, that's good. Now, the beautiful thing about this is the further you can reach, the more flexible your arteries tend to be, the elastic tissue in those arteries tend are liken to the [xx] tissue muscles.

You guys can come up now. I mean who threw their back up, any back injuries? Okay, now. Who is able to touch their toes? Put your hands up. Your hands ain't going up anymore, you didn't touch your toes? No. How far did you go? Almost. Like is your knee almost or. Little, little below my knees.

Below your knees. What's your first name?Lean. Lean, alright so, I will have Lean come demonstrate for me, come on Lean, and just so I can confirm this. Let me just see again, how far can you go. Okay, you can do better than that. In fact, you know what, you can change that in literary one week by just stretching everyday.

Okay. So put this purple gloves on, I want to explain to you why I'm so passionate about this [xx]. It turns out that the arteries on the body just like the muscles back at your legs have to be able to relax let the blood go through. So, look at the major artery, it's called the aorta, what it looks like.

So your legs are down here, two arteries that go to the legs down here, and this is the aorta that goes through the middle of your back, takes the blood from your heart up here and courses through that. Now, go ahead and take this and show everyone how flexible that is. Bend it, don't break it but bend it and twist it and.

So when the blood courses in there, it opens up and relaxes. Okay. That's what I want. You can touch your toes, hopefully your artery will be as elastic as this. Okay. It's sort of like cooked pasta, it's nice and maliable. Now if you can't touch your toes, it's much more like [xx] that's going to be less appliable[sp?].

It might look like this. Go ahead and try to bend this here. Again, the legs are down here, these are leg arteries here, see how stiff it is? Yeah, now you can pair it to the other one. Wow, it's gross too. This is like bacon that you burnt, it's like. Are you hungry? A little. Move away from the aortas, get away from the aortas.

It's like uncooked pasta to me. It's fragile, it breaks, and because of that it's more likely to have problems if blood's trying to get through that. Stretching for 30 minutes a day for three times a week, think about that. Okay. As that's not as much, it's 90 minutes stretching a week.Okay.

Has been proven, you hold the stretchers for 20 seconds, you just can't pop down once. Going to long poses like the toe touching, hold them for about 20 seconds, it increases the flexibility of your artery by 23%. Wow! Can you imagine that? And that's a fair amount of stretching but any amount of stretching will get you in that direction.

How often do you stretch Lean? After today I will be stretching a lot more. I'm happy. Alright. This is what happened, put those down now. I'm going to teach you a stretch that everyone can do. It's a simple one, in fact we're all going to do it together. So if you don't mind, all just stand up, everyone one at home same, then we can all do this and I want you to do this to the right and we're going to do it full out and you also don't have to spread your legs quite as much.

So it's called the half moon, put your right leg way in front, you try to bend it a little more if you can, you don't have to put your legs all that far here in the audience and put your hands above your heads and lean back. Now you are going to find a lot more of these hearthealthystretch.[sp?] I make them myself and put them on our website, I got about 10 of these things you can do and no flip[sp?] that half an hour that I want you to take a couple of times a week. Atleast pull through while we see how better you feel. Excess. Yeah. Can you do this everybody? Yes.

Alright. Let's start more simple steps to keep your heart health and they may even help you loose a few pounds. It's like 28 day plan to prevent a heart attack. We'll be right back.