Are Omega-3 Supplements Safe for Everyone?

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Many of you have seen the headlines that Omega-3 Supplements are doing nothing for your heart, but I still believe that they are essential Dr. Ten Edwards is back with me to help answer your most pressing questions. So if someone were to come see you in your office, a patient, what would you tell them about your recommendations today for omega-3 fat based on the study that just came out? My recommendations have not changed Doctor Oz, I'm continuing to tell patients to take Omega -3 on a regular basis everyday.

No difference? No difference. Are there any patients, any people who should not be taking Omega 3 fats? Well, generally no, because there's no harm from taking Omega 3 fats at all. The only two instances where I get a little bit concerned and recommend maybe you should speak with your doctor, is if you have a bonafide fish allergy, really I mean if you have anaplasia, you stop breathing, you need to rush to the hospital, you need to talk to your doctor even some of those patients don't even really have problems when they take the oil, because the allergy is usually with the protein, but just to be on the safe side.

The other thing is blood thinners, patients taking Coumadin or any of those blood thinners, that can also be a problem because fish oil can thin the blood itself too, and so just check with your doctorWell you've got to say as a physician who prescribes a lot of blood thinners I've looked at this, I don't seem to find a problem with patients taking Omega 3 fats with those blood thinners.

Right. It does loosen the blood a little bit but it doesn't seem to cause more bleeding problems, so I'm pretty comfortable in that setting. I am too.