What Foods Should I Eat to Help Me Sleep Better?

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If you're tossing and turning all night long and changing your diet, yet all that you need, the best sleep ever. Today I'm going to reveal foods to help you snooze. Tanya from the audience is here. Welcome to the show. Hi Dr. Oz. I'm so glad to be here with you today. Tanya are you a good sleeper? How many hours do you sleep at night? Four, five.

Four hours? Okay five. That's a perfect segment for you. We're talking about different things that can make a difference in your life. So one of let's reveal the first one. Are you ready to find the answer? The first of the four foods that help you snooze, remember all these are foods that got to be eaten more than three hours before bedtime.

Three? Three. You guys hear that three? Alright are you ready? The first food is chia seeds. chia seeds. Come on up here Tanya. I'll show you what chia seeds are. Have you ever tried them before? Nope. Want to try it now? Sure. Here take a type, see if you would like them, subtle pinch, eat on top of salads.

These are very high in tryptophan. It promotes sleepiness just like turkey meat does. Tastes like sesame seeds. It does, doesn't it a little bit? Yes it does two times more tryptophan in this than turkey breast. That's one of the reasons it has great sleep benefits. Remember the Chi-FX[sp?] Yes chichichia[sp?] Exactly wrong.

Sing that a little better for me. Chichichia[sp?]. Very nicely done. And you only need two ounces and again more than three hours before bed time. Makes sense? It makes sense. Alright, let's look at the next at the big clues to help you snooze and it is, are you ready? Right here, I'm ready.

Wheat germ. Have you had a wheat germ before? No, but I've heard of it. You've heard of it? We're making progress! You've heard of shea too I guess, but not quite the way I mentioned it. Go ahead take a little, you know I have to have it at this form. Go ahead, splurge. Good source of Vitamin D6, very helpful because it actually has worked in many sleep aids already, it alleviates stress, anxiety.

What do you think? This tastes very, it tastes [xx] About one teaspoon is all you really need to get the sleep benefits talked about. You can sprinkle it on a lot of different foods it doesn't have to be ice cream parfaits or yogurt parfaits. Could be on cereals? Cereals for sure, OK, let's take it one more here, it's pretty exciting and I love this one, and it is is valerian tea, have you ever heard of that? I've heard of tea.

You've heard of tea? Good! How adventuresome of you! So valerian tea, natural compound, ancient remedy, been used for many many centuries as a sleep aid. You have to go ahead and take that, see what you think about it. Let's see what she thinks about this. It's a natural sedative, a cup of this before bedtime, this is the one thing you can have within three hours of bedtime.

I can? Yes. Wow! We'll toast to that. Toast to that! Can we toast three times? One, two, three. Thank you so much for joining us. You can log on to droz.com for more of the great foods, even healthiest foods. We'll be right back. There you go. [xx].