What Can I Do to Stop Waking Up During the Night?

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How are you? Thank you, I'm great. My name is Barb. Hey Barb, what's your question? Dr. [UNKNOWN] what happens when you fall asleep, you fall asleep easily, but then you wake up periodically during the night, couple of times? So there's two different kinds of sleep problems.

There're people who cannot fall asleep to begin with, and people who awaken in the middle of the night. And different chemicals just cause the difference types. People wake in the middle of the night often are not necessary preoccupied but there are things that happen that wake them up, physical problems, they've a neck/g pain, intestinal issues, urinary frequency things like that.

And once they wake up, then make one big mistake, which is they look at something bright and light. Because that signals our brain it is time to wake up and then if you only got two hours of sleep it is hard to go back again. But I caution most folks that if you can get to sleep in the beginning of the night then you can train yourself to go back to sleep again if you were awake in the middle of the night.

And it does take some practice and the most important thing is you can't get asleep in 15, get up [UNKNOWN] keep it dark and quiet around you and do something that's meditative. Just sort of pull yourself down because sometimes you've got little anxiety that weird your head during your dreams.

That makes sense. Thank you very much.