Can Having a Alcoholic Drink Before Bed Help Me Sleep Better?

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How are you? So we have got alcohol here that gun it's a crude to me so what is your belief? That if you have a little some thing to drink before you go to sleep, you'll sleep is really good. You have very meditated your voice a little something so the audience what you guys think? He is around here I hear a lot of people who want to believe that is true but it turns out it is a myth, alcohol can not help you sleep better, you'll figure that alcohol relaxes you that part is actually true the problem is that as you metabolize it, it doesn't let you go into a deep sleep, so you will find that two, three hours later you wake up now you are really in a bad state, so the solution or don't drink alcohol within three hours of bed time which I know it's sometimes hard to do because you are at a party with friends or having late dinner.

Even wine? Any alcohol ideally any alcohol I know where you are going now, any wine but the overall trick if you really want to have alcohol late in the night is to have clear colored alcohol, the vodkas and the Gins tend not to mess up your sleep quite as much as the dark one the scorches give me a high five over there, is that doable? Yes.

It's a compromise, thank you very much.