Break These Bad Habits for Better Sleep

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Hey Dr. Oz here with the day's great health tip. There are five simple things you can do today to sleep better tonight avoid caffeine after lunch, it can leave you wide eyed at bed time instead try soothing simple like chamomile tea. Don't eat a big dinner it takes hours to digest making it hard to fall sleep also skip spicy foods like MSG to avoid heartburn indigestion and baby dreams.

Don't drink alcohol within two hours of bed time, booze pose a bedding switch when it comes to sleep it makes you drowsy so you nod off, but then you awake full restlessness throughout the night and turn off the TV an hour before bed, the same goes for your computer and E-reader, glowing screens signal your mind to stay alert so it's hard to fall asleep.

Five, don't do work in bed, pull over spread-sheets to stimulating and keep you stressful too, that makes it hard to get you at ease. Remember your bedroom is for two things only sleep and sex sweet dreams and watch more health smarts right here right now.