Music Builds Brain Power

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a healthy tip, that's music to your ears. Music is a universal language. It expresses complex emotions and brings people together, but it also has big benefits for your health too. Music boosts your brain function, relieves your stress, and can make you happier. Research shows, infants who play interactive music games with their parents are easier to soothe and more expressive.

If you have just 1-5 years of music lessons as a kid, and never touch an instrument again, you will still be better at learning and listening throughout your life. Music lights up many parts of the brain that grooves to rhythms and melodies. It stimulates the brain centers that control emotions, motion, and creativity.

Music also increases your visual and verbal skills, not just your auditory skills. So, encourage your child's inner creativity with music lessons, and it's not too late for you either. Taking up an instrument as an adult can help bite off stress and dementia. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to keep your family's health grooving, check out our smart tips, right here.