Jump in the Water to Lose Weight

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with today's smart help tip. Listen up if you one of those people who hates to exercise, if walking or jogging isn't your thing and you're not that good at hoping in a bike any time soon, try something different. Strap on a fotation belt and try aqua jogging, yeap, running, but it's in the pool.

One study found that overweight people who did twice weekly aqua jogging sessions shed body fat and whittled their waist size without going on a calory restricted diets, even better, people in the study went from feeling embarrassed and reluctant exercise, they're loving their workouts, they're gaining confidence and enjoyed a better overall quality of life, they also noticed a big drop in appetite and based on the benefits of their new workout routine, some started a healthier diet too. Aqua jogging is fun, it's easy, and doesn't require any special skill.

You can even chat with a buddy while your jog laps around the pool. It's another example of how a smaller change can yield big results. Even if you only loose a little weight, exercise can make some dramatic drops in common weight related health risks, including high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

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