Be a Proactive Patient

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Here's a smart tip, especially if you're waiting for a test result from your doctor. You've probably been told, we'll call you with results if there's anything unusual. Well, if you don't hear anything, don't assume that everything is A-okay. A survey of doctors found that about 7% of docs either definitely did not tell a patient about an abnormal test result or said maybe they did. That's why smart patients are willing to nag a little.

Don't wait for your doctor's office to call you. Ask when your test results should be back and call the doctor's office that day, and the next, and until you get an answer. Get a copy of your test results and email their still mail copy that you double check what you were told on the phone. Keep it for your personal health history, because guess what, future docs will love you for it. And if anything about your test results was off, say your LDL cholesterol was high and you didn't hear back from your doctor, call back to find out what your next step should be.

Smart, proactive patients get the best care, and don't you deserve the best? To find out more ways to be a smart, healthy patient, watch all of our tips, right here.