What Do Different Poop Colors Mean?

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Hi Dr. Oz, I'm Julianna an acupuncturist. You are? Yes. I have a question for you, yellow and gold colored stools, what illnesses is and condition diseases does that suggest? Well I love talking about popp as you know, comes up all the time in the show and I think it is an important taboo for us to get pass of because you don't understand what is coming out your body.

So the poop as it come through as bile added to it, when you eat food and then bile helps digest a lot of the fats and other substances in your food supply, so as it comes through that usually gets digested and turns almost to brownish color. That's sort of normal. When your poop is a golden heel when it's really light, it mean that the fats are being absorbed normally.

But I don't worry too much if lighter as longer as is not floating, and as long as it varies a little bit day to day but that's something to keep at the back of your mind to tell you a little bit about how your body is coping withe the food you put in your mouth. Thank you so much.