Teens' Most Embarrasing Body Questions

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The transformation between childhood and adulthood is not an easy experience. Raging hormones cause your body to make extreme, awkward and sometimes confusing changes so today teens are asking me their most embarrassing body question, and I do mean embarrassing. Why do guys always gush themselves, girls don't do that? Why are they scratching? I have a friend who I know uses deodorant but his pits really smell, is this normal? I know you're going to hate me for this, but my friend is 16 and he still wets the bed is that a sign of a serious health problem? I have one breast larger than the other, is that normal? I have a lot of gas, is everyone like me? Is it true that masturbation causes blindness? Lately my poop has been different colors, is that normal? [xx] Okay, so sometimes when I wake up in the morning there's a wet spot on my underwear, is that normal? Here to help me answer that embarrassing question, our co-authors to my new book, You The Owners Manual for Teens.

Dr. Michael Roizen and pediatrician Dr. Ellen Rowe. Welcome to the show Rowe. Now after writing all of other You books we wanted to write one just for teens that can answer their most pressing health question so Luca is here. Thank you for joining us. You got the question on, was it wet dreams? Yeah wet dreams I guess that's a touchy topic.

Right? Yes. Very good its very touchy topic yeah, yeah. I didn't get that at first I was not very sure, were you worried when it first happened? I guess a little I felt like I was like possessed by something. That's actually not a bad metaphor for how it occurs, we will talk about that.

Dr. Roizen help us out with this. Absolutely normal, happens to almost everyone, the penis is an nocturnal organ so it likes to exercise at night, and in fact when you get into REM sleep and have one of those wetly emissions, it is as we said, normal starts sometime between 10 to 15 years of age as your hormones settle down it will get less but it can happen through out life, right Mehmet? Oh.

Very good Mike,come over here. Before I go up to Dr. Roizen, I got a little demonstration. So your brain is obviously connected to the body, but it also secretes chemicals that influence the body throughout the evening and normally these chemicals are telling the body to do all kinds of things and you're having dreams sometimes is acting them out but periodically the brain will send out more impulses than its supposed to, and when that happens it starts to spills a little bit and spurt and this will end up happening because what you're doing is turning on the seminiferous vesicles those are those little tubes where the sperm are made, and they sense these little contractions these little messages from the brain and they can't tell if you're awake or not, they think that its actually happening.

Okay. And what Mike said that is very true, once you start to get your rhythm this starts going away, you don't get this erratic moments anymore, you can become a lot more regular and then you don't have to ask questions like this on national TV. Luca thank you very much. Thank you.

So our next embarrassing question is from 15 year old Julia, Julia can come on up. Oh, you're close by, how are you Julia? Good. How are you? What's your question? My question is that, I'm not sexually active, but I'm on birth control pills because of my period, it's heavy and irregular and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Is your mom here? Yes, she is. Okay, so, she knows? Yeah. Go ahead. And my question is, will it really affect me in the future from having a baby, or something like that? All right, just before I get to answer the question, I'm always curious about how teens process information. So, when you first talked about this with your mom, was that an awkward conversation? It was really awkward in the beginning, but she understood why I need to take it, because I'm really active and, I just can't tell when it's going to happen.

So she said that I can take it and she trusts me Dr. Rowe not only are you a wonderful pediatrician but you are a mum, so help me with this. Many girls choose the birth control pill just to regulate the period, to fix cramps, to address menstrual migraines or to treat their acne.

In fact we've seen more girls on a birth control pill, choosing not to have sex but enjoying the predictability of periods. Birth control pills in teenagers use is safe and will not harm your future fertility. Can I ask a question as a dad? I'm not sure to bring it up here because one of the things of course that I think a lot of parents are thinking about is this is actually giving my daughter freedom, she more likely to become sexually active if she takes the pill even if it's for a nonsexual reason.