Is Nose-Picking Unhealthy?

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Pop up. What's your name? Hi, I'm Lisa from London, Ontario, Canada. Oh, Canada, wonderful! What's your question Lisa? Well, it's kind of an embarrassing question. Many of them are, by the way, this is a safety zone, so go ahead. Okay. Well, my Mama always told me not to pick my nose and eat it and I just wondered- [LAUGH] What are the implications medically for doing that? How many of you had that question? First of, thank you for asking it.

I actually have in privacy been asked that question by others, you're not alone. Here's the deal. When you pick your nose and eat it, there is no medical problem with that because of what you're eating. But there is a medical problem because you're picking your nose. When you pick your nose, you actually traumatize the inside of the nasal and the airway just inside the opening.

And when you do that, that traumatize area can allow viruses to get in, and as these viruses penetrate in there they can cause problems. Bacteria can also get in there, and so for that reason we don't want you playing in your nose. [LAUGH] So even though you can, you shouldnt.

But not for the reason your mother gave you. Make sense?. Yeah. Thank you very much Lisa. Thank you.