How Much Gas, or Flatulence, Is Normal?

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Today we are talking about that number one most embarrassing bodily function and what it could reveal about your health. It is something that no one ever wants to talk about, but if you don't, you could be putting your health at risk. Now before I explain any further I need a little help because this is my assistant for my day segment, so if you're sitting in chair number nine.

Who is in nine? Where is that? Oh, oh good. I want you to really brash, poke you hard, ask you hard questions and make sure you are beautifully dressed here. Oh, it fits you perfectly. What's your first name. Wow, you're lindo. Whats a lindo? You are gorgeous. I'm sorryI know the bad words.

What's your first name? Wanda. Wanda? All right Wanda. What do you think I'm talking about? What's the most embarrassing bodily function do we get asked about? Gas? Yes, good tip, gas. Now, we're talking about flatulence. It's the medical term for passing gas so I want to make it real clear out of this.

It's completely normal, pass gas, you all know that. All of us do it. The question is, how much do we do? So for you, I'm asking this question. Which best reflects the amount of gas that you pass in a day? All of them together maybe. I would say maybe this? Well, that's very close. Really? Yeah it's very close.

This is actually the average for the normal human being. It's about 1.9 liters. Which is about half a gallon of gas roughly, two quarts of gas, that's the average. Now can you all see this, how much is in there, it's a fair amount, here is the deal, on average we will pass gas about 14 to 15 times a day, so if you just do the math, you guys have all passed gas already once.

Sorry. Now, what I like to do is talk a little bit about how flatulence can be a warning sign to things that are happening inside of our body. Now to do that, I got a little experiment for us. Okay, I'm going to go first, and then you're going to go. Don't get close so you see how to do it.

Now it's a very simple experiment to demonstrate how we make gas in our body. I've got baking soda in the balloon, right, and I've got vinegar in the balloon, you can do this at home. Vinegar and baking soda, I'm going to mix them together, but I'm going to hold really tightly here, watch.Oh! You see that? Oh, there you go.

That's you. Right, this is the healthy amount of gas that you want to have, because you know what? You can wait for this gas to the end of the show. I won't do any I promise. Let's see how much gas maybe you're making. Oh, good Lord. Okay so, you better hold really tightly round there, go ahead.

Hold the balloon in a tight way. There we are, okay. Right now go ahead activate it, are you ready? Mm-hmThere it goes, hold tight, hold tight. Oh.keep holding, keep holding, keep holding. Everybody hold your noses. Can she do it, are you holding? Yeah I'm holding. Alright I've been holding all day.

Oh! Grateful, now you keep holding that. I'm holding Now the question then becomes why do some people make a lot of gas, and others just a dainty amount of gas, alright? And by the way to dispel a myth, men and women makes about the same amount of flatus and it smells about the same.That's not true because my husband's stinksBelieve it or not, doctors are actually studying this stuff.Okay, I believe you.

So why does your husband's stink a little more, maybe? Maybe it's because he's eating a little bit more of these sulfur foods so remember the gas is 80% from your intestinal system and 20% from the gas you swallow. So most of it is coming from bacteria inside of you that's metabolizing the food that you're eating, all this stuff and then it's waste is gas and that's how it's trying to get it out of you.

Now the question then becomes, what if you got this much gas all the time? That's not normal. That causes the bloating, the discomfort and the like. And so examples? Yes I'll take this, you can actuallyThat wasn't me. Now the two best examples I can give you are people who think they're completely normal but might be having a problem with gas are folks that have gluten intolerance, have you heard of that? YesVery common.

So I want you, if you don't mind taste this gluten free bread, there's all kinds of meals I could have offered you here, all kinds of grains, the quinoa and the like, but these gluten free breads are a simple obvious solutions, not bad.It's a little dry.Wash it down then, try this.

The other big area besides gluten intolerance is people have a lactose intolerance. So what do you think? Very good.See and I was afraid of lactaid too. Why? Because I grew up with a heavy this kind of milk, I was like, this is fake or at least I thought it was, but I guess it's not.

Do you have lactose problems? Yeah. Not right now, but yeah. Wanda, you're the best. Thank you. Thank you very much.