How Can I Achieve "Perfect Poop?"

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Do you want to eliminate your constipation or diarrhea and boost your bowels? And I got the foods you need to try right now, Shannon who falls into the pallet pooping category is joining us again. What kind of foods do you normally eat in your home? We eat, I'm vegetarian, so my kids just naturally kind of eat what I eat, and we do a lot of pasta, we do a lot of, my husband's Korean, we order rice, bread, white bread, so.

My wife vegetarian as well, but unfortunately it often means you becoming [xx]. Yeah, exactly. You nailed it. So yeah, pasta you mentioned the rice, white is a big problem for folks who are constipated because white starchy your food moves like paste, like literally toothpaste through your intestinal system.

So, it slows down the process, and therefore all that water gets sacked up which we talked about earlier in the animation. So, [xx] these kinds of foods to boost your balance bananas, a pumpkin seed, oat bran, raspberries, and there're couple different reasons, there's a lot of magnesium in bananas and in pumpkins seeds.

The magnesium rich foods loosen the intestinal walls, allows them to just push that stuff just through there, instead of what you want. Alright, so this is the stuff that I think would make a lot of sense, for most folks were constipated, I hope its helpful. Thank you. Do you do it with the kids? Definitely.

Now, girl with the purely liquid poop which is there all over there hiding out somewhere. So, what kinds of foods do you like to eat? I love spicy foods. I'm looking at this, and I'm thinking can I eat some of this right now? Well, spicy foods are one of the biggest causes of having loose poop, because they have something called [xx] in them.

And that spice can be really irritating, where is my itchy butt lady from [xx] Maggie. Maggie, your issue you talked to us about, there's a big reason why people have itchy bottoms is spicy foods. Because when they go into your intestinal systems, spicy foods can bother you much, start to make you go much more frequently when they come out of your skin, you know they burn your lips? Yes.

Well, your lips look back down there. I never thought about it like that. So, it's quite. Yes one of these spices touching, is for your look but down there it itches Maggie so keep that in mind. Because that way may be a hemorrhoid bother me sometimes too, oh now it surfaces so that why exactly your hemorrhoids bother you.

You probably can make that correlation, so you can have your spicy food but obviously you got to keep in mind that the hemrroids don't particularly enjoy them. So, for folks who have loosey[sp?] poop, things that can shield your body from that support you a little bit, I put over here.

The white rice that you love to have over there, the solid pellet poop category, would work we're here because of the same reason so it's a simple carbohydrate. It's not going to suck a lot of water in, it will let the water get out so the poop get a little firmer before it comes out.

Apple sausage are very similar way we'll do that. I happened to love lemon juice for people who have loose poops because sometimes there're bacteria parasites in there, they are causing that. As you make a glass of lemonade juice for yourself is a really effective way of killing off some of that bacteria.

Well, that's good because I like to drink lemon. And finally, let me not forget blue berries because blue berries have tendons, and those tendons help reduce the wall of the intestinal tract which is a good thing because sometimes people have loose stools have a lot of inflation which is causing their problem.

And bio gas inflame that gets raw, and it doesn't absorb your food the way it's supposed to so it all ends up in your poop, and you can't control it, it comes right out. Which would you like to the most? Blueberries. Blueberries, they're all yours. Thank you very much.