What Natural Remedies Can I Use to Beat the Winter Blues?

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It's that time of the year, the cold, the snow, the short dark days, all the ingredients for a bad case at the Winter blues, and as a doctor, this season gives me the shivers because I know it could be hazardous to your health. So today I'm going to tell you the five things you must do that beat the winter blues, and here to help me is Phyllis.

Hey, Phyllis. Welcome. Hey Dr. Oz. Now Phyllis, I want you to pay very close attention to what we're going to do right now because at the end of the segment, you're going spin the wheel and you're going to have to pick which items you don't want, OK? You ready to go? Right, ready. Don't worry about this, so first item you need to have in your home to beat the winter blues is peppermint oil, but why peppermint oil? Peppermint oil helps with sadness, helps with depression, it has a little bit of antidepressant type because of the menthol in it.

You can get peppermint in natural forms, you can inhale it before a workout it gives you that big energy boost you need to keep going. That's your first option, OK? Peppermint. The second item that actually essential for you to have in your house in winter to get rid of those blues is, a fluorescent light.

Now why is that? These lights are extremely bright and what is that they change the melatonin in your brain. And by reducing melatonin, it actually inhibits the mode of depression. They're very inexpensive, part of your home especially in the Northern cities of America actually makes a lot of sense.

Alright, the third Item are chilly peppers, now chilly peppers do a lot of things forth chemical called Capsaicin, boosts you energetically and does it naturally as well. It also by the way enhances your circulation, takes care of that mid afternoon slump. So think of chilies net context again.

I mentioning all these because they are safe too. [xx] you are going to incorporate day to day. So that's the third tool for the holiday. And I'll be a hot stuff too. Yeah you'll b. You already are hot. Hotter. The fourth item to get through the winter blues is ginger tea. And ginger tea works for a lot of reasons.

It helps with your weight, without any questions. One of the things that we know, it's pretty effective sort of calming the inflammation of the body. If you're packing on the pounds in the winter, you're putting on the bigger and bigger sweat shirts and no one could tell including you, this is one of the tools that might help with metabolism.

And the final item, you have to choose which one you don't want one now is ginkgo biloba and ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries because it helps people who have difficulty in concentrating, it supports healthy blood flow to the brain and for that reason it makes you more alert, more confident what's going on is you can take in what's happening outside of you more effectively.

So I'm going to ask you, just drop one or two little droppers into each these things, we are going to toast to each other. They can come in a drop form. You can have them as a supplement, and again as the news all over the world for a long time, so let's see if you like the taste of this then you are going to make ultimate decision.

Cheers. This is good. Alright fellows, which of these don't you want and here is the deal, if you get one of the other four you get to take a bunch of it home with you. Okay is your price. I don't want the chili peppersChili peppers, alright spin away let's find out. One in five chance chili peppers is going, is going, is going, is going.

They sent a line. Pepperment. It work.s Thank you very much. You're welcome. For being beautiful and bright and lightening up our day. I'm going to give you the prize now if I can find the peppermint. There it is. Enjoy yourself. Thank you.