How Can Omega-3 Supplements Improve My Health?

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Besides heart health and Maria mentioned this a second ago, I'm going to come back to Maria's story in a moment. What are the other reasons, I want to be clear on this, why Omega-3 is so essential for our well being. >Oh, really omega-3s have been shown to be very helpful for several different things but the one that's impressed me most is brain health.

Omega-3 is over and over again show significant decreases in depression, it's been shown to decrease problems with anxiety and bipolar. So all of those patients definitely need to be on Omega-3s. There have been some studies looking at eyes decreases eye dryness, as well as macular degeneration which is a problem that many people have had.

Large study show that's helpful for that too. And skin, you saw Maria and how beautiful they both are Maria and Brandy, their skin is glowing. It's probably because they've been taking Omega-3s for 15 and 10 years. As we touched on mood a little bit but the first thing I give people who say I'm sorta down, I can't get my thoughts together is omega-3.