What Causes Hair to Turn Grey?

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The next question, email question is from Danielle [xx] where is Danielle question? She's saying I'm 29 years old and I already have about 50% grey hair and constantly dying it, I've heard that this could be because of a mineral deficiency, is truth is there anything that can do about it? It's interesting hair color, is very much hereditary, but the mechanism is what I want to focus on because if you understand what's going on, it actually gives us clues of things what they'll do to prevent it.

So if you look up on the this animation screen. So this is what your skin looks like and this is your hair coming out, there's where the germinal follicle is with extra grows the hair, and this pigment that's released to the hair from this layer up top here, and that pigment starts when you're young as, whatever color you're supposed to be dark or red, and then this pigments overtime starts to get washed out and the new hairs that you make therefore because there is no pigment or dye being inserted into it, it won't have the color that you naturally had.