Products That Can Help Your Skin Look Younger

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Get ready. For the first time ever on this show, I am giving you my anti aging hot list. I've had my team search high and low to find the best cutting edge products to actually work. Remember like always I don't make a dime off of any of these things. I'm not involved in any of these companies.

Helping me to reveal them are some of our audience members. Ready to hear these lists. Yeah. All right, up first, this techno wonder immediately reduces the appearance of [xx] feet and bags around your eyes. It's the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System, please come on out, Valarie.

Welcome Valerie. Walking up so elegantly. How are you? Thank youAll right, could we talk about this a little bit. A clinical study show that when used for just one minute a day, imagine that, one minute a day almost 100% of people saw an improvement. Some looked years younger. There's all print, a printed study, you can find that about $185 at and online.

So what do you do for your cross feed? You name it and, I'll do it. Let me see that. Yes, I can see, when you frown. I'm going to show you how this thing works. First of all, get a little bit of cream. It's got a micro massage element to it. It's a little micro massage device so, it reduces skin irritation and puffiness, all right? And then you take this little cream it's called sea-serum.

It contains hydrating marine extracts, you know how they can be good for your face, we've talked about them but, sometimes is hard to get these extracts actually under the skin. So this micro massage device, may I do this? Tell me if it hurts okay? Okay. Don't scream though. I won't.

There we are. Feels good. We're going to go under here, is it hurting yet? Nope, that feels great. Doesn't it feel good? I actually I did this before the show to try it out. What do you think? That was amazing. It's not bad right? And the thought again is that because it gets through the skin and massages it deep, it can take the serum to a deeper level, and it feels good, and you know what, since you got so many extra ones, I want everyone in the audience to take home their own Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System.

Thank you Valarie. I'm not even excited now. Not even excited. All right, lets see out the number two of my anti aging hot list. I love this next product because it will help, I think for bad skin cancer here is the best part, it only cost $1. It's the UV Sun Sense monitoring wristbands, come on out Loraine.

Welcome. Thank you. So, you know much about this device? No. I love this thing. Besides the fact that's it's inexpensive, these water proof wristbands when you apply into your wrist will tell you when your sunscreen has worn off, so I need you to put one of that on your wrist, there it is, pretty simple to do, put it on like this, wrap it around like that, there you are.

So what you do, is you put the sun block on the first time you put it on, can I put some sun block on you? Oh, sure. Okay, you put it on in important places, and you actually put it on top of this device all right? And so now you'll see a little bit of this on top of it, you go out in the sun as soon as you start to see a color shift you see how this one has been exposed UV light, it turns into a darker purple, do you appreciate that? Very smart system and you know what, you're all going home with a a UV Sun Sense monitoring wristband.

Congratulations. Thankyou.