How Can I Use My Hair to Make Me Look Younger?

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Did you know the wrong hair color can make you look decades older? But with the right color you could take decades of your face. Joining me is top celebrity hairs colorist Rita Hazan. Talk to me about hair Rita, why is it so important to do it right in order to avoid adding years to your age? Okay, as we mature as women and men, our skin tone, the pigment on our skin tone fades.

So, you have to compensate or balance really you have hair color with your skin tone to keep a youthful glow. So we put Rita to the challenge, we sent three viewers, they've been turned in by their loved ones because they need a new hair color and Rita took them into her salon to color their hair younger.

This is what Jill, the first viewer looked like before our show. So Rita walk me through, what's the problem with her hair color? Well Jill did the same thing that she did in her 20s she just kind of highlighted over her natural base color and in her 20s she had a beautiful base color so what I did was lighten her natural base color, like one or two shades just to give it a golden glow, and then just put some highlights in and add some dimensions.

So, it's basically a very small change, but it made a big difference. Do you want to see Jill everybody? You guys curious? Yes. All right Jill get out under that drier and come on over here, let's see this. So what do you think about your hair color? I love it. Now, it's much more balanced.

The under color is lighter, and it's not so contrasty. I'm very happy with it. Thank you very very much. I appreciate it. All right let's move on to our next major ager hair color. Here's a photo of Donna before Rita took over. So Rita explain to us, what's going on with Donna's hair, what's aging her? Well Donna, she is a typical woman who hasn't changed her look in years, and this worked for her when she was 20 but having long black hair when you're in you 40's is just way too harsh, it just, makes your skin look too pale and your hair is too dark.

Donna, I'm curious, let's see what you look like now. Come on over. Hey, I like it. I like. So, how do you feel differently now with a little lighter hair? Oh my god it was such a drastic change, but I understand what she's saying, I feel wonderful, my daughter's been bugging me to do this for years.

So, Rita give us some specific examples, how does Donna's hair make her look younger? Well this just softens her skin tone, it's still dark because I feel she's a dark girl, she should have dark hair. So you don't want to make somebody blonde but at the same time you wanted to make that a little bit softer.

So it just softens, it's softer on her skin tone. Are you happy? And it makes your eye look more blue. Very happy. Your eye do glow, thanks Donna appreciate it. All right, let's move on to our last hair color mistake, this is Mercy before. There she is. Rita, how did you make her hair different to make her look younger? Well Mercy just.

She's just freaking compelling. She was just too bleached, she was over processed and what happens then is that your skin and your hair color sort of blends so you get all washed out. You have no dimension, you can't tell where your face ends and where hair starts. So Mercy, your last one Mercy let's see if you did well.

Oh my goodness! Come on over here. Mercy, when you're looking in the mirror right now what are you feeling? I feel ten years younger, and I think that over the years I'm not in the sun all the time and I take care of my skin but I don't take care of my hair. And finally you know my husband said to me one day and never would he say something like this.

He looked at me and he said, honey, it just looks fake. He really never says anything about the way I look, he says, you look good or that, but he said it just looks awful. So now what does your husband think? Last night I got home late he just said, it looks amazing, and my son who's 21 and I could literary set myself on fire in front of him and he wouldn't notice, he said, oh my god when I walked in he said it looks great.

So that's two. Well it's the biggest endorsement you can get. Congratulations. Thank you very much. All right up next, how to get unbelievably shiny hair with ancient hair secrets from India and guess what? They all cost under $10, be right back.