How Can I Tell If an Anti-Aging Treatment Will Really Work?

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Our final talk on our road to survival over 40 it's the anti aging answer, joining me is the germitalogist, Susan Taylor, diplomat within American board of germitology and a leading clinical researcher. You're welcome as well. What's your first name Diana and Diana is joining as as well, so why is it that women, let me just go back for a second.

There are so many women who have questions about anti-aging is problems specifically with skin and yet we cannot tell products is working. How do you judge based on just not the advertising but the sign what works? That's a very good question, and the problem is there are many so many products on the market, and women get confused, so what's important is to look at the ingredient.

There are ingredients that have been well tested that we know for sure are indeed anti-aging. Michele, Diane go in there, reach into that little pocket there, pull out the over 40 secrets for your skin. Anti-aging agents, [xx] them over there if you don't mind. Dr. Tyler explain this to me, this is a you got a pen? It is, in fact these are your answers, so remember I talked about ingredients.

One ingredient that we know makes a big difference with anti-aging are peptide, so peptides are going to plump that collagen this product which is terrific, it's a little pen so you can put the syrum right in the wrinkle. Now the other product is. Well the other tried and true ingredient that we know helps plump up the collagen, helps the elastine, helps the texture of the skin is Retin-A but that can be too irritating for many women and hard to get, so Retinoid is a great Retinoid product it has 1% so a lot of the active ingredient and what's special about this one is that you put it on at night and it's slowly released all night long.

I didn't know there was story rich version that made sense, we talk loud about Retin-A about been the one product that we should look for, this items if they can be slowly released so that we have less inflammation. That's right less inflammation, less irritation and it works all night.

Oh great. I like that. Thank you both very very much, and all my guest I appreciate you all being here.