How Can I Make a Mask for My Skin?

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Welcome back and meet a Cathy Pressen[sp?] who has become known around the world for her amazing natural cures. Today she is sharing for 10 minutes all natural beauty routine that can help you for there is young, also joining us is Jody who first look even younger than she currently looks and she didn't [x] in doing for that only going tonight.

Am I right? Definitely. Let's start looking at Emily obvious your skin glows, what are the secrets, how do you get these tips? Well, thank you first of all, and I think most of it is diet when eat really your skin glows but I have a few little secrets I want to show with you and one of them is a rise powder mask, and I love that because rise powder has cellmate in it, which is great for bruising college and then your skin which makes your skin glow obviously, so a lot of times makes wonderful one that you can buy for about $20 but I actually prefer to make my own home, it's super easy, super cheap, you just get some rise flower, entom soy milk and you making into paig, really easy literally pending per serving, you can either if you're having left overs, making some pancakes or something, alright.

How do you think you want to be? put to be but will not, I don't think earlier we go, that's good, that's good, there we go Dr. Rise work cameras to you. Okay, so if you, for you hear back I don't want to fine enough to get it on you. I will be the barber. You have colorful short here, so you put this on your cheeks, right? You make a nice taste and you put it all over your skin and you put it on there for about 20 minutes and a wonderful thing is, if you have oily skin, it absorb the oil, and it you have dry skin, it warn, it's very good of balancing oyur skin and bringing it into where it need to go, and when you washed it off after 20 minutes, just scrap it in circular motions and it expatriates at the same time, so, Use how many times a week? Just about once a week, I sometimes do it twice a week and there's no chemicals, there's nothing, it's so easy.

 You want to keep this on during the segment or wherever you are.  Let me wipe some of it off because it's hard to get all of that off. There we are.  Yeah, and so when it dries, you just scrub it off so you've got an exfoliator after that, so, very good, very good.  Come on.  Alright.