Fats Fight Wrinkles

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Our next problem we come with Diana her are wrinkles, so you are going to find out what the fat fix is. It is [BLANK_AUDIO] coconut oil. [APPLAUSE] Its Okay. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and it's a little different from all other fats. So think about this as your skin, and as you get older that top layer of skin sorts of sag into the tissues beneath it.

You end up with [UNKNOWN] accordion look at your skin which we call wrinkles. That look familiar? Yeah [LAUGH]. So you [UNKNOWN] the door with this file folder, it falls through because you do not have support beneath. Now if you have a right kind of fat and that sub cutaneous fat beneath the skin is made up mostly of saturated fats.

So if can actually put the right kind of saturated fats in your body, like coconut oil, is like putting this little pad there and you can push this in, but you will still be able to caution it enough. Then when you actually look at your skin later on, it has disappearance. Is coconut oil something that I could apply directly to the face? Or.

You can put it on your face, but you are not gonna absorb it the way we are talking about. It's too big. So what we really do is we're going to eat it. Now coconut oil is eaten in many parts of the world that have very low incidences of heart disease. So what you want to do is cut down some of the saturated fats that come from animals, and eat more of the coconut oils.

Fair enough? Fair enough. Thank you very much. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Use this fairly and less than 10% of your calories should be saturated fast accordingly.