What Does Research Show About Marijuana Being Addictive?

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We're talking about medical Marijuana. Can you really get addicted to it? Doctor Cheryl Modio[sp?] is a addiction psychiatrist in California where medical Marijuana is legal, that would shocked with the statistics. She said 40% of the addicted patients that are treated in her practice have a medical Marijuana card.

Explain, how can an addict get a medical marijuana card? Well, an addict can get a medical marijuana card in California because there are not firm restrictions on who can use medical marijuana. They cast a very wide net. So, rather than saying HIV, homeopathy, wasting syndromes, they basically said in any condition that the physician decided could be treated by marijuana.

So the people come to see me as a psychiatrist, anxiety, depression, PMS, irritability, they've also seen that the doctor is trying to get marijuana. And in case of anxiety, the marijuana actually enhances anxiety, so they end up in a spiral of anxiety, and they're addicted at the same time.

So let me throw out this out to you, here are a couple of reasons you've talked about where medical Marijuana seems to make a lot of sense. Chronic pain syndromes, glaucoma, nausea, you know weight loss associated with HIV or cancer. These are reasons why we all have empathy. Researchers, that might speak for the big on that.

Right, you want to go, help with it. Okay. But people are also getting it for conditions that that doctor [xx] outlined, there are not proven to be helped by marijuana, PMS, anxiety, stress, headache, insomnia, irritability, they [xx] diseases.Those are not, those are not helped by marijuana, anxiety, stress.

No, they're not proven. In my opinion. [xx] The big issue for me, is that the best way to treat it? It's a cost benefit trade off, right? If you've got an element[sp?] and Montel has made an argument that multiple sclerosis is one for which he gets a lot of relief with marijuana.

They can't get without a complex combination of medications, prescription medications that have side effects and you're comparing that to anxiety, to me it's a different place. So here's. So it's better to drink alcohol I guess, or benzodiazepines. No. Actually, I don't think any of those are good either.

Okay. I don't support using either of those for that purpose. And actually [xx] Alright, you know what, you know what, just peaceful [xx]. What's your first name? Mark Schweitzer. Number one. You said Mark Schwietzer. I'm a mental health counselor in substitution[sp?] therapist. I also work as an associate trainer for the R Brinkley Smithers Physician Addiction training program.

Now, in terms in terms of research, and I want this to be on camera. This is the research, and this is the research that Montel Williams didn't mention because this is not in his favor. As a public figure and as someone who is on the media, you have a responsibility to protect this well, not self serve some agenda.

Now, here is the research, here is Asum[sp?] report 2010, your better off addicted to all those opiets[sp?] than you on marijuana because they're medication out there [xx] [xx] march out [xx] Montel [xx]. That's just really an incorrect, bold, [xx] just a bold incorrect statement.

I will give an example. [xx] Answer the question. Let me finish, see the studies I go out I like to follow what our government does, for ethe better association with United State, I'm true to common[sp?] home right now, suffer from PTS day. Don't have they've been through the entire course of every medication they can come up with.

The VA [xx], the VA just came out with the ruling that says now they're going to allow where the use of medical marijuana in the 15 states that these troops live in when they come home. Guys, surprise, it's recognized now through the mobile[sp?] studies as a possible first course of action for some people.

Again, Marijuana is not going to work for everybody, I'm not asking for the legalization of Marijuana, I've never been in that argument and never been in that discussion. What I'm trying to say, is I want my doctor to be able to look me in the face. If that doctor stuck a needle in me last night, and he said to me, Martel take a pill tonight, or take a cookie tonight, or Martel drink a little of this liquid tonight, or Martel uses vaporizing tonight, it's my relationship with my doctor, and that's nobody else's business.