Addictions: Lip Balm, Gum and Sex

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Many of us are faced with challenging addictions like sugar, salt or caffeine. But not all addictions are necessarily bad for you. Today, I'm going to take your personal questions about addictions. So first up is Donah[sp?]. Hey Donah[sp?], how are you? Thank you for taking my question Doctor [xx].

Alright let's go ahead. I'm addicted to lip balm. To lip balm. Yeah, I have it in my drawer, in my desk, in my purse, it's in the kitchen. I wore lipstick though for you today. I saw that, notice that very nicely done. So my question is, am I really doing more harm than good by constantly applying? I actually think lip balm is fine.

It's one of those myths that lip balm makes your lips worse. What it does, I think do is help people who tend to lick their lips a lot. Licking your lips is actually a problem because you actually take some of the fluids in your mouth which is not always the right chemistry for the skin and you expose your lips to that but more importantly as the water evaporates from your lips you leave a chap surface behind which is why you lick it again the more you lick it the more you get the chap lips.

So I think taking some lip balm is just fine for you. Do you like the taste? Not really. But why do you put it on then? Because I cannot have naked lips. They need to be moist and moveable. I don't like them when they are okay, what's one of the say predictions, enjoy. Thank you very much.

Alright, I hear Jully's got a question [xx]. Hey Jully, how are you? Good, how are you? Good, what is you question? I think I'm addicted to gum. To gum? Are you chewing now? Yes I am. Let me see.There is gum in there. I'm confirming there is gum in there. I've been chewing it for like 10 years morning, noon and night.

It is so bad that I have to have it. I have even freaked out and looked at the bottom of my purse and dug out an [XX] piece and chewed it. Is this bad for my teeth? Well, you know the problem with chewing gum all the time is that your teeth are never supposed to actually touch each other, except when you eat, which is not what we are going to be doing.

So when you chew gum all the time, you do tend to get the teeth attached [xx] more than they should. Here is the deal though, did you chew the gum that has sugar in it? No. Sugarless. Sugarless, yeah. Because sugar gum I think is a bit of an issue because you're exposing your teeth for long periods of time to sugar, bacteria love the sugar and they will grow on it.

So get one of those sugarless gums as Xylitol or something else that doesn't have a toxic element to it. So you can chew it, therefore all you have is the mechanical issue. Makes sense? Yup. But I wouldn't get the gum out of your purse. Okay. I'm not sure that's safe. I heard there is a very interesting final questions [xx] from Pauline.

Where's Pauline? Hey Pauline, can you join me up here? You want to hold the mic? Alright. Okay, what's your story Pauline? What's your question? Well I am a little embarrassed, but I m going to be 84, in January. Well that's good, why are you embarrassed about that? I am addicted to sex.

Addicted to sex? Yes. She's squeezing my hand. And the change of men is my husband and he is 65. A younger man, a younger man. And we have sex twice a week but because he has a heart condition, I have to be kind and give them a break. Otherwise, God knows. God knows right. I don't want to kill him.

No, you don't want to kill him. Well that's very kindly of you. I should point out that. Is it usually that for a woman of my age, to still have a libido? It is, but at least a quarter of women, when they get older don't have any issues with libido at all. So, instead of worrying about the three quarters that have an issue with libido, let's focus on the one quarter that has no problems with libido.

Does that does make more sense? Yes and you know what I believe? What's that? I'm never going to let that old lady move in. Hallelujah I love that. [xx] remember that. Now to celebrate this I'm going to ask you to have the dance floor..