Blueberries and Colon Health

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Hello, I'm Barbara Vekara. It seems like every time we turn around, scientist found a new benefit to eating blueberries now research shows that these little guys might fight colon disease too. Because the positive impact that the blueberry hulls had on colon tissue in a small animal study researchers suspect that berries can affect common health by taming inflammation.

They may help reduce the risk of diseases like ulcerative colitis. Inflammation induced damage to the GI is a leading cause of ulcerative colitis. Still more research is needed in humans to confirm the health benefits of blueberries. Interestingly the soothing effects of blueberries seem to be magnified by probiotics, which are found in yogurt.

That means if you're a fruit and yogurt fan, you may be on to something. So next time you go grocery shopping, give colon disease a one-two punch and add blueberries and yogurt to your list. Your colon will thank you. Watch and share all our nutrition and health tips, right here.