Is It Safe to Take Over-The-Counter Meds to Treat the Symptoms of IBS?

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If you're someone who has irritable bowel syndrome, and you feel like you could just walk into a drug store and see if there's any pill in there that can actually help your symptoms, it's a little bit difficult. There is not exactly one pill that helps with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, so it's always important to talk to your doctor about symptoms that you're having and asking him or her about rescue drugs.

Sometimes we can use peppermint oil to help with some pain. If you have diarrhea, sometimes imodium or anti-diarrheal medications can help, and if you have constipation, going to the drug store to get some fiber can help as well, but it is important to understand what your symptoms are and understand that the treatment that you're going to be looking for are basically treatments for those symptoms that you actually have.