Get the Scoop on Poop for Constipation Relief

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Hey, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip for relieving bowel troubles. Feel like you are spending more time in the bathroom than any other room in your house? Well you are not alone. The usual culprits are gastrointestinal troubles ranging from constipation to that mix of diarrhea, belly cramps and irregularity known as irritable bowl syndrome.

While bowl troubles are nothing, new researchers turned up new ways to reduce your bathroom down time so here's how. First off, check your meds. Up to 40% of constipation maybe caused by drugs ranging from antacids to anti-depressions and iron supplements. Next, get moving. A 30 minute daily walk is a big difference by softening tooth and increasing regularity add more fiber to your diet and which I think fruits, vegges and 100% whole grains and finally opting a good bags in your system.

Eating Yogurt with life active calcium gives you true bio tics taking constipation and diarrhea in herb, the beneficial bacteria are activated by travelling trough your stomach, you're feel relieved faster in the mean time check our more health smarts right here.