Which Foods Help Prevent Heartburn?

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60 million of you atleast once a month, today I'm going to teach you how to extinguish that burn in a game I call heartburn helpers. Now, [xx] contestants Alison and Sabrina. Welcome to the game, but before we start we'll give you the rules, we're all clear on this. We're going to play it full speed.

Each of you has a fire extinguisher, let me see them if you don't mind. There are the fire extinguishers, there they are. Here's is how it's going to play. After I present you two items, you must extinguish the one that burns your esophagus causing heartburn, fair enough? I hope we'll learn this bucket, if it lands in the audience will find out that as well.

Okay? The first item, you're going to choose between, are cheese and beans. Again, extinguish the item that causes heartburn, that's not the heartburn helper. Are you ready alright? Alright. Now, they both picked the beans, and heartburn helper is? The beans. Alright. Now, this is the point, for a couple of reasons, lets talk about cheese.

Cheese is high in fat, and because it's high in fat, it slows the emptying of the acid from their stomach, and it increases pressure on this survigal sphincter. Beans on the other had, are a source of protein and they've got fiber in them, it helps prevent heartburn. It all comes down to this, all the marvels.

Let's be clear on the rules here, ginger and tomato, are on top of the table. One of them causes heartburn whichever is the heartburn causer, I want to you to extinguish that one. Okay, audience yard it out, ready? Go. That was a very innovative way of doing that. I don't think people could do that.

We tried this over nobody was able is that, is it stuck? No, it moves. Had you used fire extinguishers in the past? In the past yes, for my husband every now and then. You do? Very nice. Love you honey. And the heartburn help food is ginger root. Salute high. The pie again congratulations to have the deal.

Tomatoes are choke full of health nutrients but they are highly acidic, and they can cause heartburn. Ginger on the other hand is a very effective anti-inflammatory product it reduces the stomach acid has a secondary calming effect on the nerves. So, you can take in a capsule form or tea form, but it's very effective at dealing with acid in you stomach.

You have both, won it, both of you. Oh, what you got? A year's supply of hot growing hot hobs [xx]. Thank you all [xx] [xx] will be right back.