When Should I See a Doctor About Heartburn?

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Gums, how much hurt can you tolerate before you a doctor? I'll turn to the expert So if you are having symptoms more than twice a week or if you're having severe symptoms, what we like to call alarm symptoms. If your vomiting up blood, if food is getting stuck, if you're losing weight.Those should be signs to see a doctor or if you've had heartburn that's been present for more than six weeks, frequently.

Now listen, do you ever get coffee with your heartburn? Not really. Because this is going, I think change the lives of a lot of people because there is a new study that has come out linking reflex with coffee.Now Doctor what's your take on this? >>So with reflex, not only do you get small particles of acid that irritate the esophagus, they can travel further up and irritate the airway.

They can worsen pre-existing asthma and they can actually cause symptoms that looks very much like asthma. There's a constant back between my office and the ear, nose and throat doctors office. With people who present with a cough and asthmatic symptoms and it turns out that's it's all reflex.

It's all acid irritation the airway. And horses as well we a lot. Let's talk about triggers..