3 Ways to Relieve Heartburn

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Hi, I'm Dr. Robin Miller and here's is the smart tip if you're bothered by frequent heartburn. Making these three small changes everyday could cut your heartburn episodes by 30% or more. First skip soda and other fizzy drinks. Drinking just one carbonated beverage a day increases your

risk of night time heartburn by 30%. Those bubbles, and acids, and fizzy drinks contribute to bloating and set the stage for heartburn. Next, cut back on coffee. Coffee contains substances especially caffeine that weakens your lower esophagus sphincter. That allows stomach acid to move back up these esophagus and cause heartburn, but if you can't live without your morning Java, try switching to a darker roast.

Research suggest that roasted coffee beans may have a higher levels of a compound that hinders stomach acid production. Finally, eat an early dinner, going to bed within three hours of dinner boosts your risk of acid reflex seven and a half times more than if you wait at least four hours after dining to hit the sack.

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