How Eating Pistachios Improves Your Digestive, Immune Systems

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with an easy tip for better digestion. Next time you reach for a snack, make it a handful of pistachios. These little green nuts promote the growth of probiotics, beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. They're packed with fiber, Vitamin B6, thiamine, manganese and copper.

Bacteria in your gut love that mixture, and that's good for your digestive and immune system, and gut bacteria are hungry. Up to 1000 species of bacteria live in your intestines and you need to replenish them all the time. A handful of pistachios has about 160 calories, and if you're not a fan of pistachios, almonds also feed healthy bacteria.

Whichever you choose, nibbling these nuts is a delicious way to nourish healthy bacteria so you stay regular and well. To learn more ways to stay healthy, keep watching all our health smarts right here.