How Do I Stop Bloating?

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It'll leave you begging for mercy and for a bigger pair of pants. Maybe it's a sign of something serious that you shouldn't ignore, I'm talking about bloating and today we going to learn the secret to stop it in a game called Burst or bloat. Make sure Nancy and Rachel[sp?] play with us.

You guys you have bloating your shoes? Yes. You do. Oh! it's perfect you know a lot about this. By then rules again pretty simply, you've got a horn in front of you, if you think you have the answer, punch the horn, if you get the answer correct on the quiz, I am going to give you a dart.

Whoever gets the most darts has the best chance of poping the most balloons, ultimately that person wins the grand prize. You ready to play? Yes. Alright, here we go. Audience, you can get [xx] you desire but you have to make the ultimate decisions Nancy and Rachel, be ready with your horns.

So here is the first question. When foods high in sugar or carb[sp?] digested, they can create gas, we all know that, which [xx] the bloating. Which of these starches causes less gas? Is it rice, bread or noodles? Nancy of your first [xx]. I would say noodles. What do you think Rachel? Rice.

Rachel wins! Rachel wins! Rachel, you get the green darts. Yeah. Congratulations, hold your darts, ready to go to battle. Here's the deal with rice. You know that outside cornel[sp?] of rice, it's digested very aggressively in the stomach and small intestine so it never has the time to go down to the colon where all that gas is bay when bacteria digest the starch.

So that's one of the reasons rice can be eaten in large amounts, it doesn't give you the gas that it's competitors do. Okay, Rachel got one [xx] thing with the darts. Doesn't matter though Rachel if you don't hit the balloons, so get ready. Alright, next question. Bloating can be a sign of a serious disease, when should you see a doctor about it? Is it A, bloating with cramping, B, bloated for two weeks or more or C, bloated and flatulentyes.

Yes, Rachel. B. Rachel thinks it's B, what do you think Nancy? I think it's C. Well, the correct answer is B, Rachel get another dart. Nancy. Come on. Alright, you better get a dart Nancy. Here is a reason about persistent bloating that last more than half a month can be a sign of a availing[sp?] cancer.

We are clear on this. I emphasize that again. If you have bloating in the last for more than two weeks, I start to think at the back of my mind maybe something else is wrong. Bloating should get better periodically, if you have a little bit of about[sp?] moment and it gets better that's fine.

If you're getting a lot of cramping[sp?] pain, you might want to see doctor as well. Generally speaking, the bloating you get is because you either allergic to the food if you want to cut out the milk, for example or some of the wheat products, or because he's intestine[sp?] wasn't agreeing with you.

She gets better and worse, or back and forth is much better than always having it. Okay, the last question. Are you ready? To ease bloating which of the following is the best thing to do after a big meal? Is it drink red wine, B, seat and talk, C, go for a walk. Yes. C, go for a walk.

Go for a. Nancy what game are you playing? Go for a walk. Alright, you get a green, you know what, just to make it fun, take one red. There's a red. Thank you. Alright now, the reason going for a walk makes a difference and is the right answer. Is that a short walk after a meal starts digestive process the way it's supposed to work, which means you move everything through including gas.

It also opens your [xx] so whatever gas you may have in [xx] your digestion doesn't cramping[sp?] up because you are not clenching down on it. Makes sense? Yeah. Alright. Now it's possible for one of you to win the grand prize. So, I want you both to line up along here, along the green line.

Alright, Nancy you throw first. Alright Rachel, all you do, once again the pressure is on you. You have three darts, all you have to do is hit one balloon, just think of the ride home if you don't hit any of them. Woooww Rachel, you win the grand prize, one second. Here is your grand prize.

Now while you turn around here, Nancy come, join us back here. I'm uncountable[sp?] tonight the envelope or you want to read it yourself. You can tell me. In that envelop her grand prize is a spa get away three days two night for two at the [xx] wood log in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

Wow. Congratulation. Now, this is all thanks to [xx] We will be right.