What Poop Colors Reveal About Your Health

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz. Do you know that popular kids' book everybody poops, well everybody poop tells its own story. Stool colors can provide some important clues to your health, so take a look. Medium brown is the color of healthy poop, pale grey clay-like stool suggests a liver problem. Bile from the liver is what makes stools brown.

Not enough and you get ashy shades indicating anything from gallstone to hepatitis, pancreataitis to sclerosis. Black or dull red stools sound scary, but it's often related to food or meds. You may even see black after consuming black licorice, blue berries, iron pills or diarrhea medications, and if it's red well that can come from beets and tomatoes.

Green stools aren't just [xx] greenies can also come from eating lots of green vegetables or taking iron and certain medications. Bloody or maroon red poop is most often caused by hemorrhoids, but red poop can also be from intestinal bleeding, so you got to call your doctor. And if you're worried about any other colors you're dropping, keep a three to seven days record and share the shades with your doctor.

I'm Dr. Oz, watch all of our Smart Tips right here. [MUSIC].