If I Have Celiac Disease, Can I Ever Have Food with Gluten?

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Typically see that disease you even think they have Gluten in them, which is we are going to talk about it in a minute. You get this stomach pain, a lot of times you will get depression, they get anemia, they get joint ache and pains, muscle problems, skin rashes and they have no stomach pain.

You got to be cautious because fundamentally Gluten intolerant and Celiac diseases affects the way you digest everything, the Gluten is found in wheat, it is in rice, is in barely is kind of protein. I want to explain to you what it is and then we can have really fun with both of you.

All right. All right.come over here, come over here for a second, look at this animation. This animation is going to tell a whole story. So here we got someone having a food that has got a little bit Gluten because there are some breath there so go down the esophagus this is part is really important this little nutrients, the green things go wrong on the lining of the villi.

These nice beautiful little front that grow up from there. It's like a coral reef and there you see a little glutton, that little yellow thing, it's grabbed by antibodies and antibodies is carried deep into the tissue through the wall of intestinal track where guess what it attracts immune cells that lead blue cell attached to it they begin to broke down and they begin to release chemicals those chemicals when they are realized will irritate and eventually wear down this time as you eat more of those gluten containing food, the yellow little droplets, you roll down and call lethal completely the base you no longer absorb the food.

Yes it hacks into your system it is very good way of thinking about it, remember if you don't have any surface area to absorb nutrients you can get malnourished even tough you are eating well.