What Are Symptoms of Appendicitis?

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And you thought might appendicitis. Yes. You have. Now, take that little sticker, and put that on where you think the appendicitis is. Just in case. I was going there. That's what I'm worried about. That's my concern. It placed above the belt I'll tell you that. Okay, [xx] right tight. Very good, very good, now the problem ofcourse is the pain doesn't always stop there.

This is an important segment because 112th of us. How many of you had your appendix out? Yeah, it's about right one in 12 Americans who have the appendix out get this 24th difference 20 times difference in intestine appendix, and appendixes between the western American for example, and bases like earlier something is going on, is what we are doing to ourselves the change is the checks of how is having depend this side, which is the topic for today.

What can we do to prevent it from happening, and how we know when will this happening? So, you mention that the appendix is here. Yeah. That's where the pain is often located but it will first start up in here, sort of nausea and then it will slowly move down to the right lower quarter which is a fact where the appendix is located, and it comes like a stabbing time over time, and if you cough.

It really hurt a lot and of course you get a fever as well. Make sense. Make sense. What I want to do is to show you show animation and show you how it look like come over here. So, who are glancing on your appendicitis and as you watch this animation, you see that the personal track rose around but at the very bottom of the ceacum as the first part of the big intestine as a little outpunch[sp?] that with the appendix is, getting the right side of your belly.

If you get food getting stuck there like a little piece of store, it will crack it up, and it actually starve that all can be banish of blood as the special building up in there. The pressure was squeezed the whole in tested and blackly block that thing, that is why squeezed when no blood go is in there it becomes gangrenous, it is though you tired your finger off and didn't that blood go there.

That's what appendicitis is all about. Ugly. Ugly, isn't is? Yes, have you ever touched an appendix? No not at all. Problem is that you come up. So, as long as it has come up let's talk about what the appendix looks like and as a surgeon I take another appendix, and the question becomes when you find it, where do you think it is? Somewhere in here.

Exactly, what do you think about that as a candidate? You see it there? Yes, well that little thing is hanging off. See it's just hanging like that. Yes. You see that. Exactly. It's is pretty clear there isn't it. Now, if something gets stuck in the very base of it this stuffs, and if it stuffs then you can get an absence, a pimple that forms there.

In the whole area? In the whole area, and the intestines have to cover it up like that, they try to protect you but of course that causes scarring of the intestinal tract.